Highest Paying url shortener : Hi Are you looking for url shortener that pays daily ? No Doubt Google URL Shortener is the Best URL Shortener which most of the people prefer. But if you want to Make Money from it then then are many other Shortener available using which you can Make Money Online.

There are many URL Shortening sites but most of them pays very less amount. So, don’t worry I’ve listed Best & Highest Paying URL Shortener using which you can Make Money Online.

How to Earn Money with Highest paying url shortener 

Link Shorten sites is the site where you can get Long Url into very short Url like https://tipsntrick.in/make-money-with-link-shorten/ and this url will be shorten to http://j.gs/9MFu so when some one visit on this link you can earn money on short links

For Check visit http://j.gs/9MFu

Best Url or link shortener to earn Money

There are many url shortener sites like google url shortener or bit.ly etc but they are not paying anything, to Earn money with best link shortener that pays highest than any other. below i will mentioned highest paying url shortener to make money. use these instead of google short url

1. Adf.ly

This is the famous url shortener to earn money. adf.ly shorten url and earn money where you can promote or share links or url like facebook etc to earn money. This is very oldest website you can use it instead of using google short url.

adfly short links and earn

you can make 5$ to 25$ per views depending on the location. just sign up and shrink link and start making money so don’t wait and click below to join now. Lot’s of people failed because they don’t know how exactly you can make money with adf.ly see the full guide how exactly you can make money with Adfly with proof


Adf.ly Payout rates – How much does Adfly pays?

Here is few payout rates of adfly for top countries. below rates are per thousand views

Country Desktop CPM Mobile CPM
Highest Unique Raw Unique Raw
United States $25.83 $19.56 $5.59 $8.37
Canada $10.22 $5.30 $2.42 $3.97
United Kingdom $9.92 $5.68 $2.29 $4.72
Australia $10.90 $4.64 $2.15 $3.70

2. Shorte.st

Making money with shorte.st is easy where you can shrink your link and share it to social media like facebook twitter etc to earn money on every view.
highest paying url shortener
Shortest is another best highest paying url shortener site where you can promote link and earn money. this is the best custom url shortener to make money. shorte.st pay upto $14 for 1k views.

Highest payout rates of Shortest

So here s payout rates of short.st for top countries. payout rates per 1000 views

United States $14.04
United Kingdom $10.75
Canada $5.81
Australia $8.61


3. BC.VC

Bc.vc is free legitimate URL shorten service provider that allow publishers to join for free and earn money online with each visitor to your shortened links.

bc.vc earn moneyyou can also make extra money from referrals. One can Earn $4 to $10 Per thousand views. They also have referral program through which you can earn 20% of your friends Earning for the lifetime. The minimum Payout is $10.

Join BC.VC

BC.VC Payout rates

Country Unique Mobile eCPM Unique Web eCPM
Australia 14.00 4.10
United Arab Emirates 12.00 4.05
Greece 7.20 2.04
Austria 7.15 4.30
Belgium 7.10 2.50
Singapore 7.05 3.40
France 7.00 4.50


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Prakash Dodvadiya
Prakash Dodvadiya

Thanks for sharing!


Hi Admin,

Thanks for sharing such a great post with us ! We are also a url shortener service that you can give a try !

We are offering high payout rates for worldwide traffic. We have a low minimum payout of $5 only and we pay on biweekly basis via PayPal and Payza.

So, you or anybody interested in our service can give us a try.

Our Network Name: twik.pw

MegaURL Founder
MegaURL Founder


Im come from URL Shorterner in VietNam, My site

At now, i optimized payout rates for Vietnam Publisher (2.6$/1000 views)

I want to update it on your site

I hope recieve your infomation.

Thank you

Site : megaurl.in

Founder !

Deepanshu Bisht
Deepanshu Bisht

Oke.io is always good


I think BC.VC is becoming better day by day.


For country from Indonesia, can to pay from adf.ly?

sai krishna
sai krishna

great article thanks for this useful information i like it,..