Adfly – How Exactly You can Make Money with adfly 2017 (proof)

adfly: Hi, Today i am sharing how to make money with adfly not only in india but also anywhere easily. people in the world earn lots of money online and make their pockets money easily. you can also earn money by shortening and sharing your links on social media, question answer sites like quora, yahoo answer etc, on youtube, etc. Now read full post.

What is

So the first question that comes to your mind is “What is” so let’s start discussing about

adfly 2017 is website that pays you money every time someone clicks on your shortened links. shrink urls and earn.
Still Confused? Let me Explain. is an URL shortening service similar to or google url shortener

How works

  • You input a link on For example
  • shortens it and gives you a links
  • You share the shortened link anywhere on the web.
  • Someone clicks on your short link and visited to site via short link you will get upto $20 depending on visitors location.

How To earn money with adfly

To Make money with adfly try the following earning tricks. if you have any problem feel free to comment below.

1.First of Of Sign up on Adfly by clicking below


2. Now Enter your links that you want to short

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for example: if are answering on quora and adding a link on your answer just put your long URL and make it short like to Now when people visit your short URL they will see some ads and you will earn Money.

adfly proof

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3. Try the following method to earn money.

  • share link on social media like facebook and twitter that people like and visit
  • while answering question on Q&A site sharing important links
  • uploading videos on youtube with adding short links on description,
  • answering on forum and adding links

Note: Don’t spam and add only one links on popular sites

Join Now payout Rate

Now a thing come to mind how much does adfly pay money per click or adfly pay rate so let me tell you that they are paying upto $20 for per 1000 views for unique United states visitor. so lets check the payout rates start making money

  • Unique=average amount paid for 1000 unique visitors in the 24-hour period.
  • Raw=average amount paid for 1000 link views in the 24 hour.


Country Desktop CPM Mobile CPM
Highest Unique Raw Unique Raw
United States $25.83 $19.56 $5.59 $8.37
Canada $10.22 $5.30 $2.42 $3.97
United Kingdom $9.92 $5.68 $2.29 $4.72
Australia $10.90 $4.64 $2.15 $3.70


See full Rates here

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