IPL contest – Chance to win match ticket with Election se selection

Ipl contest: Are you looking for predict and win contest or cricket contest? Now predict ipl cricket team and player for IPL 2018 and chance to win very expensive free match tickets. Its very simple just vote for your favorite team and player and enter your Email or Mobile number. No sign up or registration is required.

What is election se selection?

Election se Selection is your chance to vote for the players you want in your Vivo IPL team! The fans’ votes and choices will be broadcast during the Vivo IPL Auction, for the entire world to see.

Ipl contest


How to Participate in IPL contest?

  1. First of all visit Here
  2. Now vote for your favorite IPL team and player.
  3. Now just enter your email or Mobile number
  4. You will be notified if you are the winner


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How will i predict and Win?

If the two players you voted for are picked by your team in the Vivo IPL auction, you are in with a chance to win. Keep those fingers crossed!

What is the price for correct prediction?

40 lucky winners (5 per team) will receive a free season ticket to watch their Vivo IPL team in action!


Last date of IPL contest 

Voting will remain open till 11:59:59 PM on 25th January. Make sure to register your vote in time to be eligible to win prizes!

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  1. kanishka mishra says

    my prediction went even though i have not yet emailed by their side

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