How To Make Money Via Paid to click (PTC) sites? which is the Best PTC sites? everyone asking this question. here i am showing a step by step guide to make money via Clixsense Easily. lots of users saying its waste of time but no its not. You can earn lots of money through PTC sites. as we all clixsense is the one of the Best PTC sites in World.


How To Make Money Through Clixsense

First Of all Sign Up to by clicking now. Fill out your details like email, password, username, etc. After sign Up on Clixsense Just follow the simple steps to Increase Your Earnings. If you already started but make nothing. Restart now

Earnings Proof:


Best 5 Ways to Increase Clixsense Earnings

1. Earn Money By Clicking on ads. 

This is very simple anyone can do this for this you just go view ads tabs and you will see many ads down there and click on one ad at a time and that ad will open in a new tab you just have to view it for just 5 – 30 seconds that’s it. You will get your money instantly. You will get very less but one thing you should remember is you are getting something.


2. By Playing the clixgrid Game. 

Clixgrid there is nothing in your hands here. It is more like a lucky draw you just have to click on boxes (each box contains a ad like in first method) you can find these boxes in Clixgrid tab if you are lucky you will be rewarded.


3. Earn Money By Completing Task

Complete tasks. They will give you complete tips and suggestions to do the tasks you just understand them carefully and complete the tasks. More tasks more money. Each task may take 1-20 minutes to complete it depends upon your skill.These tasks are sponsored by Crowd flower.see How Clixsense Users Completing 100+ task daily

Clixsense task completing

4. Earn By Completing Survey. 

Fourth way is doing surveys in the offers tab you will see SSI daily survey like in the image. Every day you just go to offers tab and click on SSI daily Survey. Remember surveys will not be available every day. They will be available for just few hours ( Surveys are limited) so you have to check it regularly. It takes 10-20 minutes to complete a survey. Whenever you completes a survey you will get minimum of 0.85 DOLLARS or nearly 50 INR. Every day click on marked are in the below figure to check whether surveys is available or not.


5. By Inviting Friends

Fifth way to make money in Clixsense is inviting your friends to Clixsense. If anyone your friends join Clixsense by your affiliate link you will get some commission. You can find your affiliate link in affiliates tab.

Earn Money By just Unlocking 

Why Referring friends is Important To Earn Lots Of Money

To Earn Lots of Money on Clixsense you need to Refer some users.  I can Say Upgrade Your account on clixsense and start referring. Because Upgrading clixsense account will give you more bonus than Basic Account. Another thing that You can do is to complete some simple task that will really help you to Earn More.


Final Words :- 

Lots of People Quit because they think its difficult or they can’t complete survey or task due to specific reason. I am saying you to don’t do that you can earn like others and me earned.

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