do you want to check aadhaar linking status with bank? or You don’t know how to check aadhaar and bank account linking status? in this post i will show you how to check aadhar card link with bank through mobile easily. as we know aadhar link to bank account last date extended to 31st March 2018 now. so if you didn’t link your bank account to adhaar kindly visit your nearest bank and just submit xerox copy of your aadhar card. and it is not necessary to fill any aadhar link to bank form. so how to check aadhar card link to bank account or bank account linked with aadhar

aadhar bank account linknig

how can i know my aadhaar number linked with bank account?

Method 1

  • First Of all Visit UIDAI Update status
  • Enter your aadhaar card no
  • Enter your captcha code
  • An OTP will be sent to your mobile number linked with aadhar card
  • Enter OTP to see your aadhar card bank linking status.

If your aadhaar card isn’t linked with mobile check How to link aadhar card with mobile number or Try method 2

Method 2

If you do not have internet facility or have feature phone then you can use the USSD *99# Service. This is a USSD based banking that you can do from your registered mobile number.

With USSD *99#, you can see whether Aadhar Card link with your bank account or not.

  • First of all, dial *99*99*1# from the registered mobile number. (charges apply)
  • After dialing the USSD, you have to type your Aadhaar number and next confirm it.
  • Next you can see message on-screen that this account is linked with aadhaar number.

Aadhar card linking to multiple bank Accounts

Another Important can we link aadhaar card to multiple bank accounts? or can an aadhaar number be linked or unlinked with various bank accounts many times?

so the answer is yes you can link aadhar card to two or more bank accounts and bank account that is linked recently with aadhar is show on aadhar status and you can not unlinked or delink it because aadhar is mandatory document as proof.

How to update aadhar card bank account details

If you have two or multiple bank accounts linked with aadhaar card, the latest one that is linked with adhaar is shown on aadhaar update portal. To show other bank account on aadhaar status simply Re-link your aadhar card by visiting that bank branch or ATM (if available by your bank) or Internet banking or SMS. Different bank had different methods to link aadhar card. If you think the information is good please like below now.

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